Panama Amazon Parrot

The Panama Amazon is a sub-species of the Yellow-crowned Amazon. As such, they are very similar in appearance. These birds are predominantly green with a splash of bright yellow on their forehead. They typically have red “shoulders” and some red on their flight feathers and underside of the tail. The only difference between the Panama Amazon and the Yellow-crowned Amazon is the size, with Panamas being slightly smaller.

Average Lifespan: 40-60 years. ​

Sexing: The Panama Amazon is not sexually dimorphic therefore a DNA test is necessary to determine the sex of your bird. ​

Origin: South America (Specifically, Colombia and Panama) ​

Loudness: The Panama Amazon is like most Amazons in that they have a fairly loud call. However, it has been said that the Panama Amazon is generally quieter than the other Amazons. This bird is not the best talker, but they have an excellent mimicking ability – especially in imitating sounds. ​

Train ability: The Panama Amazon is a playful bird who loves to chew on wood. Although they are not the best talkers, they can be trained to speak given diligent guidance. Panama Amazons can be somewhat temperamental which can be challenging to a novice bird owner. However, they are extremely quick learners and are amenable to change in most situations. It is important to provide consistent discipline throughout the stages of this bird’s life in order to avoid aggressive behaviors. ​

Panama Amazons are moderately priced