Severe Macaw

Severe Macaws are larger than the Hahns Macaw, but still small enough to be considered “mini.” They are roughly the size of an African Grey Congo. They are entirely green birds with brilliantly red “shoulders” and dark blue flight feathers. Their foreheads are chestnut brown, which is why they are also occasionally called “Chestnut-fronted Macaws.” They have the same pale, fleshy faces as all other Macaws, which makes their dark black beaks stand out.

Average Lifespan: 30 – 50 years ​

Sexing: Sexing these birds requires a DNA test, as they are not sexually dimorphic and you cannot tell the sex just by looking at them. ​

Origin: South America – (Specifically Panama, Amazonian Brazil, and northern Bolivia) ​

Trainability: When it comes to personality, the Severe Macaw is very much like the big Macaws. They enjoy playing and wrestling, and will need many wood toys to chew on. They are very social birds and are very good at speaking their mind. Most Severe Macaws will have a vocabulary of several words and phrases. ​

If purchased as a handfed baby and trained well, Severe Macaws can be fun, friendly birds. They have a tendency to become “one-person birds” if effort is not made to socialize them, so keep this in mind. They will pick a favorite person at some point in time, though their preference may change every now and again. Severe Macaws enjoy showers and will often bathe with their owners. Many enjoy being outdoors as well, so it is good to find a way to allow your Severe to play outside safely. ​

Loudness: Like all Macaws, the Severe Macaw can be a bit vocal. They tend to vocalize more than the large Macaws, so they are not suited for Apartment living. However, their vocalizations are not as loud as their larger cousins.