Blue - Fronted Parrot

These birds are more colorful, larger, and more friendly than normal Blue Front Amazons. The Blue fronted Amazon averages 14-15 inches in length from head to the tip of their tail and weighs 275-510 grams. Like all amazons, the body of the blue-fronted Amazon is primarily green. The blue fronted Amazon gets its name from the blue coloring found on its forehead. ​

Most blue fronts have striking red coloration on their “shoulders”. The beak on the blue front is black and their feet are grey. We only sell the Chaco Subspecies, which are more colorful and friendly than normal Blue-Fronted Amazons. ​​

Average Lifespan: 35-40 years in captivity. ​​

Sexing: This bird is not sexually dimorphic therefore a DNA test must be done to determine sexing. ​

Origin: The Blue-Fronted Amazon is native to Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Northern Argentina. Loudness: The Blue-Fronted Amazon is known for being an excellent talker. Like most birds, when this bird is having fun entertaining you they can become very boisterous. ​​

Trainability: The Blue-Fronted is a great mimic and as a result you can teach your bird many things. Stimulation is very important in training your bird. Toys are very important for all birds in order to keep them stimulated. As this bird is a great mimic, the more time you spend talking to and playing with them, the more they will learn. Pricing: A well-socialized baby blue front will generally cost less than other Amazons.