Double Yellow Headed

This bird typically measures 15-17 inches long with a weight of 400-650 grams. The body of the Double Yellow Head Amazon is green, with red “shoulder” coloration. The most striking feature of this bird is the intense yellow coloration of the head and nape – hence the name double-yellow. The Double Yellow Head Amazon has a horn colored beak and light grey feel. ​

Average Lifespan: In captivity their lifespan is between 35-50 years. ​

Sexing: This bird is not sexually dimorphic therefore a DNA test is required to determine the sex of this bird. Origin: This bird is endangered in their natural habitat which can be found in Mexico and northern Central America. Loudness: The Double Yellow Head Amazon is an excellent talker. They have a very musical quality and so they can bolt out a great rendition of “Old McDonald had a farm”…however don’t expect them to sing on key. This bird will mimic what they hear the most so try to remember that when talking to your bird. ​

It is not uncommon for these birds to call out to their owners if they feel they are being neglected. Although their noise level can be loud, this bird can be distracted away from yelling if they are stimulated with toys and exercise and time out of their cage. ​

Trainability: The Double Yellow Head Amazon is a very intelligent and outgoing bird. They can possess a strong personality but are easily trained, especially if you let them know that they are not the boss. A Double Yellow Head Amazon that is kept busy with plenty of wood to chew and an audience to entertain will make an excellent pet. Because this bird will be your pet for many years, it is important to work with and talk to your bird daily. By spending quality time with your bird, you will learn what your bird needs to keep them happy and healthy. This is our best selling Amazon Parrot.