There are are different species of amazon parrots that exist .We breed the following species of Amazon parrots;
-Yellow headed amazon parrots,
- Blue fronted amazon parrots,
-Orange winged amazon parrots,
-Yellow naped amazon parrots,
-White fronted amazon parrots,
-Turquoiose fronted amazon parrots and
- Cuban amazon parrots

Description; The Amazon Parrots, often simply called Amazons or Amazon birds, are some of the most popular pet birds. They are medium to large parrots belonging to genus Amazona, and originally called Green Parrots. They are mostly green birds, but with splashes of bright color on or around their head as well as their wings and tail feathers. They are long lived, up to 50 years or more in a good environment. Amazons are intelligent handsome birds, renown for their talking ability, have outgoing personalities, and are very social. They adapt quickly to their cage and can be quite playful, with a dexterous agility for climbing about their cage or playpen. Their personality is such that they will form a close, loving bond with their keeper and become a life-long companion.
All these great qualities make Amazon Parrots highly sought after, but owners of these parrots need to be very committed. Amazons are generally calm and reasonable, but their personalities are quite complex. Living with an Amazon is similar to living a 2-year-old child in temperament and ability, and for 50-plus years. But they are not children, they are parrots with instinctive, natural behaviors developed to survive in nature. They need a stimulating environment that provides activities, such as climbing areas and chewing toys to keep them content. They can be quite vocal too, but normally as the sun is rising and setting. Amazons require a keeper that is willing to provide training, socialization, and a good amount of attention.
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