GLOBAL PARROTS AVIARY have won the Guinness book of records for the most birds in an aviary. Besides Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon and Grey parrots we have extend our hands to meet up with the demand of our clients by so doing our experienced team of breeders have brought in many other beautiful birds species to meet up the desires of our clients and also to create an environment where different species of birds can interact with each other.That is why many people visit our aviary and students also come for their internships.

Other species of birds we breed are; Alexandrine Parrots, Conure sun, Cockatiels, Senegal parrots, Electus Parrots, Indian Ringneck, Ciaque Parrots, Lorikeets and Finches.

All our birds are tamed , vet checked and in good feathering conditions. They come alongside their complete documents such as DNA test, Vet certificates, CITIES permits, ownership papers and other required by the country of importation.