Citron Crested Parrot

These Cockatoos are the same size as the Lesser Sulfer-Crested, but with a beautiful rose/salmon colored crest. What are their personalities like? ​

These birds need a calm environment, and careful (but constant) socialization during and after weaning. They are steadily becoming more and more difficult to find. Generally, we have found these bird to only do well with one person and become extremely agitated when others are around. They start off sweet enough (like most hand raised parrots) but we have found that within one year after weaning most Citron Cockatoos will become extremely skittish to the point that they can not be handled. ​

For this reason, we do not believe that they are good pet quality birds. This is our opinion using 20 years of history; you may have an awesome Citron or get an awesome Citron Cockatoo, but we believe the odds are against you. We believe the Citron Cockatoo would be better in an free-flight aviary environment vs. being the only parrot in a household, especially a household full of kids, dogs, and other loud noises found in an active household. ​ ​