We have been shipping for many years now and we take all necessary precautions to ensure that your new pet arrive home safely. we will always transport your birds/eggs using IATA approved transport-crates, because birds are living animals and need to be transported with the highest care and protection. All requirements for the birds are available in our transport-crates, from water-retainers to sitting sticks and of course food. All will be custom made for your birds. We even go one step further as opposed to other export companies, because we make further modifications to the transport-crates in order to meet the specific needs of each specific bird species. We can do this because of the many years of experience we have in the export of birds. Before transportation all crates will be inspected a final time and, all necessary labels (including ship-to address) will be applied to the crates.


We have a licensed Export permit to ship birds worldwide and we meet up with IATA standards of shipping.We use reliable pet shipping carriers such as KLM,American airlines,British airways,Lufthansa to ensure prompt and safe delivery.We ship worldwide and all our birds are shipped with their complete documents, such as CITIES permits, Health certificates, transfer of ownership or ownership documents...
Shipping And Delivery;

You were searching for a parrot and now you have found a perfect match. This is how we handle the shipping procedure. After you buy your parrot from us, we shall employ a pet delivery service to handle the entire process. The service will pick the parrot up from our farm and deliver it to the airline and the airline will ship it to your airport. From there, you can claim your parrot and take it home yourself. Once the parrot is registered with the pet delivery service, the pet delivery service issues a "TRACKING NUMBER" to you which you will use to monitor / TRACK/ TRACE the delivery process of the parrot.If your location is to far a